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Non-Profit Services

Non-Profit organizations face many of the same challenges that for-profit companies do, as well as several unique ones.

With charitable donations strained by the recent downturn in the economy and federal and state budgets constantly scrutinized, it's become ever more crucial for non-profit organizations to be creative in their approach to funding the many important services that they provide to our communities. It has also highlighted the importance of proper diversification and risk management in handling endowment funds.

At Caliber Financial Partners, we are sensitive to these challenges and stand ready to assist non-profit organizations in overcoming them. You are the backbone of our communities. We urge you to leverage our expertise to develop solutions for your funding and risk management needs.

Non-Profit Services Include:

  • Investment policy statement review
  • Endowment management
  • Planned Giving program assistance
  • Donor education programs
  • Assistance in closing major gifts
  • Insurance and employee benefits
  • Trust planning